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Are you trapped in a monotonous life on a journey to a destination you are not sure you want to go?

You are not the only one. As human beings, we all want success and happiness. From a young age, most people are taught to view success through the lens of material possessions, degrees and money. So, they grow up trying to chase that vision. 

As you might already know, that hardly ends well. Many people are stuck in a boring life because they have chosen habits that they think can take them to that vision of success they have. It doesn’t matter that these habits may not be the best for them. They stick to them and try to make them work for them. 8 times out of 10, this backfires spectacularly because in chasing after success, they lose happiness!

Our work  focuses on wholescale transformation. You probably have habits that seem good on the surface that are impeding you. Or maybe you theorize and make excuses for the bad habits you have. But..



Maybe you have tried to change your habits but after a week or two you slowly go back to your old habits...why? Because willpower can last only two weeks, and you are so addicted to your identity, your inner story about who you are. That is why integrating new habits without proper strategy is like saying to drug addict: "Stop using drugs, it's not good for you." And like any addict your mind and body suffers from withdrawal symptoms which are too much to handle unless you are well prepared.

"Knowledge without experience is merely philosophy: experience without knowledge is ignorance"

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Working in HR over a decade, I have seen too many trainings and courses that just increases the information but doesnot give any tools whatsoever to transform. Knowledge is crucial but if you cannot walk the talk it's like ultimate failure. You know what you should do but you just can't get yourself do it. How harmful is that for your self confident? You start to buy in those beliefs that you just aren't good enough, smart enough etc. This leads to all kinds of frustration and eats your motivation to try again.

The reason I educated myself with several certificated coaching programs, NLP studies and Narrative therapy programs was that I passionately wanted to study different frameworks to discover what are the key ingredients, the key factors that are different with people who succeed in transforming their lives, and with people who did not. 

The SEA METHOD will be your guide in sustainable change.

I like simple things, because complexity is the enemy of execution. I learned the research proven tools and technics from my mentors (Steven Covey and Tony Robbins) that help people to be well-prepared and fight through any obstacles to make sustainable transformation.

I started to notice that whenever I worked with my clients, we always ended up changing their habits of inner talk, habits of leading their emotions and habits of taking action. I developed this model for myself as a guidance to help my clients to have true results and transformation.


If you want to change you need to have a new story of who you are and what your life is about. You need to have the ability to understand your emotions and have more the emotions that will make you to take action. And only after that it makes sense to go through strategies how you get what you want. 


Do you find it difficult to adapt new habits and stick to them?

Learn more about our SEA transformation method that enables

sustainable transformation and makes the impossible possible?




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