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Energy booster

Everyone deserves to be in peak conditions. This 3-weeks online program will help you with an immediate infusion of fitness and energy by focusing on physical and mental exercises, including nutrition. 

The right exercises will focus on helping you release the energy trapped in your cells for immediate use. Mental exercises will be custom-fed to you to help you build clarity, focus and stay in the present.


If you have felt like you live a disorganized life, we will help you build daily routines that prioritize your strengths and goals.

Little nutritional tips (like drinking water with salt and lemon in the morning) will also give you massive boosts throughout the day.


We will take a look at what you should be eating and what should never appear on your plate again. The simplest yet most effective nutrition plans at the best prices ever are available on this plan. 

Energy booster

A More relaxed me

I know I know. The world is spinning at the fastest it has ever gone right now. You probably don’t know why every day seems so fast. Like most people, you are only aware of the things you need to do, bills you need to pay, worry and anxiety that plays in your head every minute of the day. 

This program is your TICKET out of that fast life. Most people are too focused on their goals and wants, that they forget to take care of the vehicle that can get them there – the body. Too many people would rather kill their body aches and pains, rather than listen to what their body needs and wants for better performance. 

Health is wealth and this program will help you stay healthier, because without a healthy body, your productivity goes to zero!


The program will teach you to slow time down for your needs. Meditation and mindfulness will increase your efficiency and productivity on a massive scale. You will learn instant relaxation tips to cut out the voices in your head. By spending a few minutes listening to yourself and your body, you can change the course of your life. 


Do you need to get rid of the constant rush and the voices telling you are not enough?

More relaxed me-

1 to 1 Vitality coaching

Where are you at with your goals? What is stopping you from moving ahead? What story plays in your head?

In this program, we will help you find the answers to the pain and frustration you experience. With our one-on-one sessions, we will explore the causes and solution to your problems. Together, we will work to find solutions. 

This program will make you pause and dive deeper to find out the whole inner story that has been stopping you from moving forward. We will find out what is draining your vitality and focus on finding out what lights you up!  After we have redefined your vitality levels, we will make a vision for your life. A vision that is so compelling that it lights you up and helps you to do the necessary changes that you have been longing for.

This program is your key to a collaborative, long-term assessment of your choices and why you should keep or discard them. Habit management is a key part of our lives and we will show you the most-effective habit management system under the sun.

In as little as 3 months, you can begin to see wholesome changes in your vitality, lifestyle and habits. 

Are you ready to redesign your life?

Vitality coaching
laura at work.JPG

Vitalized organisations

Revitalizing Your Workplace

There is always room for more efficiency at work but most people have a ceiling to what they can do. Remove that ceiling today with this program!

Your organization deserves a great working culture. Your team members deserve to stay in great shape. In this program, I will help you create an identity for your team – an identity based on wellbeing and vitality that will help you get maximum efforts from your team.


Together, we will get your team to become more productive, focused and healthy. The sick leaves will decrease as we focus on building healthy habits; and commitment and motivation will rise within the team as a reward for your concern about individual members. 

The typical workday for most employees is filled with distractions, constant email alerts, deadlines and frustrating tasks, but I can help you team say NO to this frustration. I can help them prevent burnouts and manage stress better. I can build a new culture for you that will feature productive meetings, healthy communication, and better fulfillment. 

With emphasis on teamwork, leadership and productivity, you can go from working boring shifts to creating the right kind of fun at work. Importantly, this program will teach you how to become the livewire in every team, meeting or workshop you are involved in. You can take this program as an individual looking to improve or purchase it for your team to learn from!

Do you need to assess your working style, potential distractions, and create value? 


Does your workplace need help in vitalizing the working culture?

Vitalized organisations

energisoiva työyhteisö ​

Mitäs sitten kun saa elinvoimansa säteilemään mutta työpaikan tavat ja kulttuuri ei mahdollista elinvoiman säilymistä? 


Yli 15 vuoden HR urani aikana olen nähnyt kuinka urautuneet toimintatavat, jatkuvat keskeytykset, tehottomat kokoukset ja loputon kiire aiheuttaa ristiriitoja, konflikteja ja uuvuttaa sekä sairastuttaa työntekijöitä!.

Välitän ihmisistä ja olen nähnyt miten pienilläkin muutoksilla saa ihmiset voimaan paremmin.

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