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hi, I'm Laura and here's my story why I want to help you towards more relaxed life!

I have always wanted to live fully and explore new adventures. My path has taken me from U.S.Disney on Ice tours  to giving birth in the Italian Alpes and everything between. I have faced deeply devastating challenges but also the most amazing magical moments. My colorful life experience gives me great resources that I use as a coach. I truly know how it feels to live in a rush, and feel the overwhelm on the scale of burnout. But I also know what it takes to change the course, to redesign your life and work on your goals to make your dreams come true.

My passion for vitality started already on my teenage years. As a Finnish National team skater I was able to learn from top professional all over the world; how to enforce your vitality. I understood that whather you want to succeed in sports, in your job, in your relationships and so on, the base for the success is the level of your vitality. 

So often pain makes us grow and that has accelerated my development as well.  Several miscarriages, extremely difficult pregnancy, baby with allergies and no sleep, stormy divorce, relationship with temper issues and  burnout have had such an effect on me that I passionately what to help people out of suffering and redesign their life.

The mind is everything, what you think, you become.

my family.JPG

When I experienced my burnout 2017, I jumped out of my hamsterwheel and had a serious conversation with my reflection in the mirror. My focus had been on trying to fix everything around me and helping everybody else feel better, except myself. That was a moment I decided to focus on getting back vitality, no matter what. So, with the help of my credit card, off I flew to Thailand by myself, where I made the decision to take back the control of my life and happiness! I redesigned my life and made a six month program to gain back my vitality. Enormous changes started to happen to me already within the next three months, and others saw it as well,  one Reiki healer was amazed and told me after the treatment that there were no blockages what so ever, he could not find anything, everything seems to flow freely! And boy I felt it, changes started to happen in my outer world as well and after six months my life had changed completely, all the goals I set was achieved. In six months; new me (full of vitality, joy, happiness), new relationship (with the man of my dreams!), new responsibilities at work.. just to mention a few!

What an amazing impact it has to one's vitality when your intimate relationship flourishes, your kids are relaxed and joyful, your finance is in order, your direction is clear and you do what you love and it feels meaningful. I am extremely grateful to have the life that I have today, and I am passionate of helping you to have it too!

Are you trapped in a monotonous life on a journey to a destination you are not sure you want to go?
You are not the only one. As human beings, we all want success and happiness. From a young age, most people are taught to view success through the lens of material possessions, degrees and money. So, they grow up trying to chase only that vision. 
As you might already know, that hardly ends well. Many people are working too hard and get stuck in a boring life because they have chosen habits that they think can take them to that vision of success they have.But too often chasing after success, they lose happiness!
The joy in your success should not be about the destination; it should be about your journey itself. If your journey towards success does not fill you with passion, happiness and motivation, then you are targeting the wrong kind of success.  How could you stay fresh and vital if you constantly go beyond your physical and mental limits.

At Nordstrom Vitality Research Ltd., our focus is on getting your vitality levels back up. We help people break the chains of monotony and show you the way forward. We help you take your life off autopilot mode and put the controls back in your hands.

Our approach to vitality is based on two key pillars – relaxation and transformation.

Do you want to take a peek at the life-changing services we render?

Get tips to redesign your life by signing up to Shine Bright coaching letter

Thank you for choosing you!

My programs to redesign your life


This online program will help you unlock new limits you didn’t know you had. The right exercises and pro nutrition tips will revitalize you and give you a new breath of energy. 




A More Relaxed Me

A practical guide for reaching the relaxation stage that focuses heavily on reconnecting your body and mind. This guide will teach you to listen to your body better and understand the signs your body produces before illnesses and stress can take hold. Let me show you that it is possible for you to be relaxed.



personal coaching

The most complete long-term solution to prevent or heal from burnouts and redesign your life with vitalizing habits. I will help you assess, analyze and transform your lifestyle. In 3 to 6 months, you will go from worried and unhappy to “balanced” focused and happy.

revitalizing your workplace

It is not only individuals that require vitality – your work and workplace can do with renewed vigor too. Workshops and team coaching can hand you the boost and edge you need.


We help you to redesign your organizations working habits to boost energy, innovative, productivity and happiness.

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Few words from clients

Hanna Bragge

Area Manager Leikkiset Oy

"I thought I don't have enough time for this coaching program, but now I have more time because of this program."

Johann Oberndorfer

Area Manager, Central Europe R&D, UPM GmbH

Laura acted as a personal coach for me and I got many new insights from the discussions. I am very grateful for Laura's successful support  and trustful cooperation.

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